Oral pleassure with master

Master was sitting on the couch reading a new book he had gotten. Once everything was sorted I walked into the bedroom and removed my heels and daisy see through dress. Hanging them Up I put the dress on it’s hanger and put it by the door for cleaning later. Taking the heels I put them back into the closet and folded the bra up and put it into the proper drawer and then walked cheerfully back into the kitchen. Pulling out the large cast iron skillet on the stove and placing it on the stove and adding a good chunk of butter to the pan. It feels good to be out of the close and I find myself humming happily along to the tune of an unknown music. I hear Master walk up behind me and smile happily to myself. How could this be any better. Using a gin sue knife I sliced open the stake packageing and seasoned them on both sides before sliding them into the buttered cast-iron skillet. The smell was heavenly mouthwatering. As the stakes sizzled and browne in the pan I start to move away from the stove and grab the green beans. Hands wrap around me and squeeze my breast. “Master I don’t want to burn the food,” I mumbled leaning into his chest. My breathing picks up and he smiles and lets go walking toward the bedroom. I shake my head and start to snap the green beans and put them into the pan, filled with water and herbs. Putting that on the stove I turn the stakes before putting fourthed potato’s on the stove to boil. Turning on the stove I put cheese crumbles on the stakes and put them in the oven to finish melting. Setting the timer I turned to leave the room. Everything was cooking and would need a few moments to get done. So I went to see if Master needed anything. Hearing the bathwater I walked down the hall stopping at the bathroom door to make sure I was right. I opened the door, careful to let little cold air in as possible. Scooting in I saw master in the tub through the steam cleaning himself. Walking up I knelt by the tub in kneeling position and waited for him to need me or the timer for the food to go off. After a few more seconds I heard the movement stop and looked up. “Your not getting in my pet?” He asked. I knelt up and leaned over to kiss him. “Not right now master. I have to finish supper for you first.” Smiling he extended his arms around me and held me I layed ahead around his shoulder and rested a moment. After a few seconds I felt a tug and then I was in the water with my feet hanging over the edge of the tub. “Not what I wanted my pet.” He crushed his mouth to mine and I couldn’t help but feel the stir of passion. I wanted him. I always did. I tried to turn to face him, but he held me tight. Adjusting his hands he nudged at my legs a little bit and pushed aside my thong. I melted under his hand and wanted more. But just as I started to get close, the timer to the stove went off and master smiled, letting me go.I claimed out of the tub and using a towel quickly dried myself, removing the rest of my clothing. I walked back into the kitchen and pulled out the pan and put the stakes on a board to rest or a moment and started to prepair the rest of the dinner. It took me another thirty minutes to finish everything up. I set everything on a table and had just pulled out a bottle of red wine when master walked into the room. He smiled sitting down and helped himself to the food I had put on the table. He kept looking at me and smiling to himself. It didn’t take us long to eat and I quickly cleared the table and put everything away. Sitting on the floor next to him I rested my head on his leg, enjoying the clean smell he had. And soon deciding I needed one as well. Getting up I walked to the bathroom and started to fill the tub. It didn’t take long for master to cum in behind me and I felt him nudge my legs and tell me “Bind.” Doing so I could see he had a toy in his hand and I suddenly became very glad Master had insisted on me to keep up with my Yoga training. As he knelt in front of me his cock was only inches away and fully erect. I wanted to swallow him then and their but I waited for permission. Master leaned forward and kissed the lips of my pussy and I trembled and locked my knees so I wouldn’t fall. He continued to do so, till I was trembling, “May I master? May I pleasure you?” I wanted to. I found myself needing his pleasure just to satisfy my own thirst. To quench the fire that seems ever burning now. A smile spreads across his face at my eagerness and he spreads my lips, just enough to allow my clit to peek out. “All in good time my pet.” Then taking my clit in his mouth he suckles and nibbles at it till I’m shaking. I can feel myself getting close. I try to breath, to calm down so I can enjoy what he’s giving me just a while longer. But my body wont listen and I’m forced to think calm thoughts. I know I can’t hold much longer. “Please Master. Please may I cum, I’m so close Please?” Smiling into my pussy, I barley hear him agree before I started to shaking with pleasure. He didn’t stop either. I found thatthe cumming became an orgasm. From that multiple. I squirmed and writhed and gasped with pleasure. My knees finally gave and I fell to the thick carpet that covered the bathroom floor and gasped for air. I felt something gaze my lips and without further instruction I opened my mouth to accept. Masters cock grazed pass my teeth and I wrapped my lips around it anxious to please him and give him the pleasure that he gave to me. Still shaking with pleasure I place a trembling hand on his hip steadying the room so I can please him right. Soon I have the pace and I bob frantically back and forth. Slurping and using my tongue to the best effect possible. I whine around your cock. I can hear him moan and feel him thrust as we keep the same time. The moaning becoming more prominent as you get closer. Weaving his handsthrough my hair he takes one more push befor moaning then flooding my mouth. We stay there a few moments. Enjoying the sensation of total pleasure. Finally we find the strength to shift, and as Master sit down I roll over into his lap. I lick and suck you clean as we sit their, the after glow of oral almost tangible. “Thank you Master,” I say weakly. The reply I get makes me smile weakly with love. 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